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Monday, September 12, 2011

Its been a while..

ok, i'll open with a bang, here's some more recent work.  This is my first attempt at a showreel and i hope, come april/may i shall be able to take this down and link a better one from my vimeo account.

here is a link to my portfolio - also subject to renovation in the next 8 months or so

ok so over the coming week i hope to rejuvenate this blog.  A more definite look should be sorted out along with a few posts. i have some sketches and that since last i posted.. ofcourse that would be expected given how long its been, in saying that its disappointing at how little i have to show for the gap.

i also found this site megaswf that hosts swf files.  localhostr, which i used to use for this service only has download links now, so anyway, hopefully there shall be some more frequent updates from here on in.

thanks, i'll be back soon

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