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Monday, September 12, 2011

Catch up post no. 1

alright so here's some old work that hasn't surfaced before.

First off here's a small ad made for a fair trade project, in my feedback i was told being cruel to the little guy in my video wasn't the 'fair trade way' I used the project as a way to test out stuff in after effects, flash and premier. Green screen and compositing were fairly shameful, but i did my best, we had 3 weeks to do it and thats what i came out with. it rendered out wonky with some things showing that should have, but i was too rushed at the time to fix anything.

When clearing out my old harddrive i came across one of the stopmotion tests for an esting (for the channel e4) i was working on in second year.  I spent 14 hours shooting only to scrap it all and quickly throw together a flash esting with a badly put together gorilla character

Ok so its sloppy but i thought i had destroyed it all, this was all that remains, i love stopmotion but i learned i really dislike using clay.. too bad i bought several kilos of the stuff, oh well..

i thought since im showing old work my next post will have a load of stuff from my unfinished film "Astro Quest" 

i wanted to post the title card but it, with alot of other work was lost when in june or so my computers hard drive completely failed and my backup corrupted. (sucks eh?)
//edit.. found it

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