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Monday, May 3, 2010

My 2nd year (and first) film

ok so here's the first film i have made. it look me 8 full days of solid work to make, and compared to the christmas e card i think there a steady increase in what ive been able to do in flash. im learning. the film isnt completely finished as ive had issues in different programs with exporting stuff etc, but i dont know how and dont really care to fix it.
i'll post again soon with a montage of second year work once i find a song for it.
here it is, as usual comments are greatly appreciated, thanks and enjoy


imLOST said...


Recorded your own audio for that too?

crow-feet said...

i'd like to say yes, but it was my friend steven devine. he recorded all foley with me in my house and recorded me for all voices. edited it in logic pro and made the audio in reason under my supervision so he didnt go too mad ha.

Pile Girl said...

This is your first film? Impressive. Way to go!

crow-feet said...

wow.. thanks alot, i'll still learning, and should be updating my blog with more recent work, but thanks alot for taking the time to watch it! i appreciate it

imLOST said...

I just got updated about these comments. Hey crow-feet! :D

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

cool stuff dude-man. keep it up.