random updates from an irish animation student

Sunday, April 11, 2010


hello, its been a while yes i know but what can you do.

The only reason i'm updating this right now is because im avoiding more work i have to do now, i may have an end of year film in a few weeks, i hope.. and possibly 2 more animation projects.

Here are 2 animation principle projects which aren't very good by any means but i still learned alot from them, the first project is unfinished but some unfortunate things came up around the deadline which meant i lost a bit of time on it

fat jump

fat skip

here's an esting that we made as a digital project, i foolishly decided to make mine in plasticine and after a day of failed filming i made this in a few minutes with the little sausage gorilla i had made last year. i should have made millions of monkeys so it made more sense but i did it at like 2 am.. i'll revisit it at some point im sure. enjoy

im not really proud of any of these projects, but sure, i'll learn from them all, comments are appreciated