random updates from an irish animation student

Monday, May 3, 2010

My 2nd year (and first) film

ok so here's the first film i have made. it look me 8 full days of solid work to make, and compared to the christmas e card i think there a steady increase in what ive been able to do in flash. im learning. the film isnt completely finished as ive had issues in different programs with exporting stuff etc, but i dont know how and dont really care to fix it.
i'll post again soon with a montage of second year work once i find a song for it.
here it is, as usual comments are greatly appreciated, thanks and enjoy

Sunday, April 11, 2010


hello, its been a while yes i know but what can you do.

The only reason i'm updating this right now is because im avoiding more work i have to do now, i may have an end of year film in a few weeks, i hope.. and possibly 2 more animation projects.

Here are 2 animation principle projects which aren't very good by any means but i still learned alot from them, the first project is unfinished but some unfortunate things came up around the deadline which meant i lost a bit of time on it

fat jump

fat skip

here's an esting that we made as a digital project, i foolishly decided to make mine in plasticine and after a day of failed filming i made this in a few minutes with the little sausage gorilla i had made last year. i should have made millions of monkeys so it made more sense but i did it at like 2 am.. i'll revisit it at some point im sure. enjoy

im not really proud of any of these projects, but sure, i'll learn from them all, comments are appreciated

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow update

hello, we've had quite a bit of snow here, its given me an extended break and its eating away at the last week of my current time table, which i'm bloody sick of so happy days. Im happy to say i'll be starting puppetry for 3 weeks next week. i cannot wait. but knowing me i'll end up disliking it for some silly reason.

anyway, because of the snow i decided to post something different, here is the result of 2 hours of messing in the snow at about 1 am. hope ye like

my friend Gerard helped me to make this, i would have refined it more but i didnt want to come off as a nazi so i tried not to control everything ha

enjoy. as always, comments are greatly appreciated