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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

santa post

ok, so a handful of projects have now been submitted. i have one left. the main one. it shall be a loong weekend. so who wants to see a dodgey slidey santa? keep in mind its my first go at 3d max and i'm well aware that he slides as he walks. we walked our characters on the spot then auto keyed them forward so he's sliding away and i couldn't seem to edit him after i built my scene. oh well. anyway, here ye go. comments are appreciated. its appropriate since its december i suppose.

i'll be back with the last project when its finished.. as usual comments are welcome.


Mairead said...

It's cool, a hell lot better than my attempts at 3D anyway. Keep up the great work!

crow-feet said...

thanks alot Mairead. i hope to improve in the future! not mad on character animation yet since we havent been taught bones or how to model properly. Atm i use max for backgrounds and stuff. thanks for actually commenting