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Friday, November 27, 2009


ok so i've been very busy lately so sorry for not posting, although my blog's only read by about 2 people (sorry comrades)

i've been doing mainly digital work lately. I am currently working on 3d max, after effects and flash projects among other things. I have never used after effects or 3d max before. 2 of these projects are christmas themed. i'll post things when they are complete.

also, for the past 2 weeks we had John Canemaker over from NewYork, an oscar winning animator who also teaches in NewYork. We had a week long program on acting in animation and a second week on storyboarding and staging. a big eye opener.

anyway. for now here is an early screen grab of my blocked out santa. i'll add the character design too. please keep in mind that this is not a modeling project, just an intro to max.

also i'll leave you with a little video summary of bits and bobs from last year
as always please comment

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Mairead said...

You have two real followers? That's a whopping 2 more than me, kudos to you :)

By the way, I love the cutout work in your showreal.

Keep up the great work as always