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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kim possible

right, so i started second year a few weeks ago and got thrown into principles. we had to do a sneak cycle and a side step using the character kim possible. We also had to keep the animation similar to the characters style.. like no looney toons like movements or anything. well here are some prelim sketches of the character first of all:

here are some early thumbnails of the keys in the sneak
and.. here are just some rough sketches to get used to kim

here are the sneak and side step animations, they were graded the other day and i did well. im well aware that the settle in the side step and her face are both off model and dodgey, but otherwise she's reasonably on model and the animation is there.

oh, and yes i know part of my hands is in one of the sneak frames.. who cares. pencil test :-P

side step


if for some reason its not clear enough just say and i can link to a bigger one or email it. thanks to anyone who reads my blog/post, as always comments are much appreciated and if ye want any information leave a comment or email and i'll respond. i don't post often but i'm on often


Mairead said...

I love the sneak cycle, it would just be a nice cycle if you had her stop, pause, look around and restart the cycle. It would just make it more interesting to watch on a loop - that's all. It's cool in my mind :)

crow-feet said...

thanks Mairead, i know what you mean, if i was doing my own thing i'd have something extra in there but i stick to the briefs like a robot ha

i appreciate the input :)

donal mangan art stuff said...

Looking good man!
I like the sneak. Very nice timing. There's one thing i noticed, on her right leg, the end of her trousers pops forward under it's own influence. I'd even out the timing on that. Give it a little bit of drag. It's just something that pops, catches the eye a little. Its sweet though!

crow-feet said...

thanks :) yeah the arms also spaz around a little bit. i was working on it up till the deadline so i just sort of roughed her pants. thanks for the input