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Monday, May 18, 2009

Current Life Drawing

here are some examples of my life drawing from this year, none of these works were longer than fifteen minutes but i think the qualities better than previous work

life drawing is so important, and i've tried to show variety in the work shown in this and the last post 
comments questions and feedback are always welcome.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life Drawing Old

here is a small collection of some life drawing from last year in BCFE. Its not great but as usual.. feedback is welcome

Coming soon...

ok so i've finished college and although there are loose ends to tye up im still finished so i will eventually get around to uploading the remnants of other projects. but when thats on i want to start getting into some other things this summer.

so hopefully in the coming weeks i will be able to explore some (terrible) claymation and model animation.  I am also planning to post another resource post on stop motion, for lighting and possibly set building, but primarily it will be on armature design. again this is just what i hope to do. here's a shot of who i shall be working with soon 

as its my own project work i decided i'd use kirby, simple and round.. i hope

also i can say what i WILL be uploading is some examples of this years, and maybe last years life drawing. and at the very least a quick example of plasticine manipulation i made to test my new camera. thanks, hopefully one of these posts will be soon.

and as always if anyone who actually reads this has any questions or anything post away, i like to know people read it ha