random updates from an irish animation student

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walk Cycles

ok here's a slightly better post than the last, here's another look back to old work, just like the bouncing ball here's a flashback of last year when i was impatient and first tried toon boom, from the limited knowledge i had i tried to animate a walk cycle, and to be honest despite how dodgey it is i like it.. 

anyway, the rest of the video contains my current work on the pink panther, side and front walk cycles

here are external somewhat higher quality links to movs of each pink panther walk cycle:

anyway, i hope you enjoy, and as always please comment, its greatly appreciated, 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

an inbetween post

few.. right i've been behind, and ugh i dunno the film has proved to be bigger than i thought, i meant to say that i bit off more than i can chew, not that the film itself will be any better, if anything it will be weaker, you should see it some time in the coming month me thinks, for now i shall post a few pencil test projects from throughout the year that i didn't have filmed here.

here is my balloon ball project, its dodgey because my home pvr cant focus on the page well at the start so i had to put my hand in to focus it, i caught it in a few frames

this is the worst project i have done withe the least effort so please dont judge too much

here we see the old sack again, he's back, and i had such a hard time finding a comfortable way to draw him. i dont know why haha