random updates from an irish animation student

Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas

hi everyone, this was my first proper flash project outside of bouncing a ball. another festive one, hope you like it. today was my last day in college before the holidays so now i'll enjoy doing nothing until my next endeavour which should be fun. please comment and enjoy! happy holidays and all that

for now i have to link the youtube version because i dont know how to put a play button on the flv file haha, sorry for the auto play up until now

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

santa post

ok, so a handful of projects have now been submitted. i have one left. the main one. it shall be a loong weekend. so who wants to see a dodgey slidey santa? keep in mind its my first go at 3d max and i'm well aware that he slides as he walks. we walked our characters on the spot then auto keyed them forward so he's sliding away and i couldn't seem to edit him after i built my scene. oh well. anyway, here ye go. comments are appreciated. its appropriate since its december i suppose.

i'll be back with the last project when its finished.. as usual comments are welcome.

Friday, November 27, 2009

after effects project

ok so here's my after effects project, i used a super extra bonus party song everything flows. we had to use between 20 and 30 seconds of audio and sync some abstract animation to it as an intro to after effects, so here's what i did. there was a problem with the ram preview in after effects in college that we only noticed when rendering so all of our projects were out of sync, i adjusted it but its still a little off, but meh, dont care at this point. enjoy


ok so i've been very busy lately so sorry for not posting, although my blog's only read by about 2 people (sorry comrades)

i've been doing mainly digital work lately. I am currently working on 3d max, after effects and flash projects among other things. I have never used after effects or 3d max before. 2 of these projects are christmas themed. i'll post things when they are complete.

also, for the past 2 weeks we had John Canemaker over from NewYork, an oscar winning animator who also teaches in NewYork. We had a week long program on acting in animation and a second week on storyboarding and staging. a big eye opener.

anyway. for now here is an early screen grab of my blocked out santa. i'll add the character design too. please keep in mind that this is not a modeling project, just an intro to max.

also i'll leave you with a little video summary of bits and bobs from last year
as always please comment

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kim possible

right, so i started second year a few weeks ago and got thrown into principles. we had to do a sneak cycle and a side step using the character kim possible. We also had to keep the animation similar to the characters style.. like no looney toons like movements or anything. well here are some prelim sketches of the character first of all:

here are some early thumbnails of the keys in the sneak
and.. here are just some rough sketches to get used to kim

here are the sneak and side step animations, they were graded the other day and i did well. im well aware that the settle in the side step and her face are both off model and dodgey, but otherwise she's reasonably on model and the animation is there.

oh, and yes i know part of my hands is in one of the sneak frames.. who cares. pencil test :-P

side step


if for some reason its not clear enough just say and i can link to a bigger one or email it. thanks to anyone who reads my blog/post, as always comments are much appreciated and if ye want any information leave a comment or email and i'll respond. i don't post often but i'm on often
hello, its been a while since my last post but oh well. erm here's a video of just playing with mala (plasticine), its not great, and theres no effort in it, but it was to test a new camera i got, and just play with mala, ah well. also the kirby stuff probably wont surface for a good while

i made this few weeks before the kirby post btw, from this point on i'll be posting second year stuff. hopefully it'll show improvement

Monday, May 18, 2009

Current Life Drawing

here are some examples of my life drawing from this year, none of these works were longer than fifteen minutes but i think the qualities better than previous work

life drawing is so important, and i've tried to show variety in the work shown in this and the last post 
comments questions and feedback are always welcome.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life Drawing Old

here is a small collection of some life drawing from last year in BCFE. Its not great but as usual.. feedback is welcome

Coming soon...

ok so i've finished college and although there are loose ends to tye up im still finished so i will eventually get around to uploading the remnants of other projects. but when thats on i want to start getting into some other things this summer.

so hopefully in the coming weeks i will be able to explore some (terrible) claymation and model animation.  I am also planning to post another resource post on stop motion, for lighting and possibly set building, but primarily it will be on armature design. again this is just what i hope to do. here's a shot of who i shall be working with soon 

as its my own project work i decided i'd use kirby, simple and round.. i hope

also i can say what i WILL be uploading is some examples of this years, and maybe last years life drawing. and at the very least a quick example of plasticine manipulation i made to test my new camera. thanks, hopefully one of these posts will be soon.

and as always if anyone who actually reads this has any questions or anything post away, i like to know people read it ha

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walk Cycles

ok here's a slightly better post than the last, here's another look back to old work, just like the bouncing ball here's a flashback of last year when i was impatient and first tried toon boom, from the limited knowledge i had i tried to animate a walk cycle, and to be honest despite how dodgey it is i like it.. 

anyway, the rest of the video contains my current work on the pink panther, side and front walk cycles

here are external somewhat higher quality links to movs of each pink panther walk cycle:

anyway, i hope you enjoy, and as always please comment, its greatly appreciated, 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

an inbetween post

few.. right i've been behind, and ugh i dunno the film has proved to be bigger than i thought, i meant to say that i bit off more than i can chew, not that the film itself will be any better, if anything it will be weaker, you should see it some time in the coming month me thinks, for now i shall post a few pencil test projects from throughout the year that i didn't have filmed here.

here is my balloon ball project, its dodgey because my home pvr cant focus on the page well at the start so i had to put my hand in to focus it, i caught it in a few frames

this is the worst project i have done withe the least effort so please dont judge too much

here we see the old sack again, he's back, and i had such a hard time finding a comfortable way to draw him. i dont know why haha

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bouncing ball... again

i know i'm not posting much, but i've been busy, sigh. Erm i have a handful of traditional projects to go up up but at the moment they're pretty terrible and not fit for viewing, right now i'll show you my progress in flash, and general animation i suppose, some time soon i will be adding another video like this about walk cycles ha, enjoy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


well anyway, im currently working on my animatic and if there's any feedback i'd appreciate it and may or may not upload more on the film


ok, i know its been a while, sorry to anyone who actually reads this blog, and also thanks very much if you do, i've been very busy, but i do have more little videos to put up but i have decided to wait considering the large amount of work i have at the moment. 

Currently im working on my first year film, "4th down" and as the title suggests its about american football, i will post the film as soon as its done, that should be in early april. Just keep in mind that it wont be spectacular, or probably any good as it is my first whack at it, for now here are the model sheets for my characters. i hope you like them.. im going to put them in my next post because whenever i post pictures they and up on top of all my text and im too lazy to work out how to fix it