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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

pendulums' a tickin

well i haven't put anything up in a while, busy busy, this is the only other college project i have finished at the moment. Hopefully tonight i'll have my balloon project in some sort of finished order. we'll see. On a separate note, any messing or pointless videos unrelated to college can be found here
This is also the first video (on my blog) shot with my brand new copy stand. it came a few days ago. I'm blogging right now to avoid the balloon.. so irritating,


imLOST said...

When drawing that did you have to do the frames of it moving from left to right and that's it?

Was it just a matter of mirroring the first few frames for the return journey and repeating that a few times?

crow-feet said...

actually know, its frame by frame, shot on two's. 12 frames one way and twelve another. the left and right swing down exactly mirror each other to make it less rigid. and yeah thats it, i drew the left swing out on one page, planned the action, then drew each framer from that and the same for the right.
i drew twenty four frames, shot it, and looped the video for as long a i wanted