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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DIY animation desk

Well. I'll Break in my blog. During the summer i got accepted into an animation course.  This pushed me to build an animation table. There aren't a lot of examples of how to build one online, except for brock-o-rama's great one, upon which mine is based, so i know its been done before but i thought i'd put another one online for people to reference. Also its handy for those of us in the uk. 

For the desk i actually just modified a desk i bought in a b'n'q for 50 euro. Its a simple computer desk. I liked the shelf on top.

I ordered a 12 field milky perspex disk from chromacolour for 30 odd pounds.

After getting the disk i was able to measure it and make a template on cardboard. After that i went to a lumber place and bought 12 euro of mdf. Which is about 4 foot by 5 foot. Its really cheap.

I marked out the circle and left it slightly off centre for some arm room. Its 54 cm high by 70 cm wide. 

I used a wood router to cut a perfect circle out. Its what Brock used. I never knew, but my dad filled me in.  We cut about 5 mm deep, 1cm wide all the way round to make a shelf for the plastic disk. then just cut out the middle. if you misjudge the hole at all you can just alter it afterwards with a wood chisel, just be gentle. (You dont need a woodworker to do it but its probably better. My dad  and i did everything in a day) It was 30 euro to rent. They are 100 euro to buy

A second equal piece of mdf of equal dimensions was used for the base. The two pieces were attached by piano hinges. A simple solution.

It is propped up by wooden arms on either side of the disk at the back attached by hinges. Pieces of wood are placed on the base to give height options. This is an alternative method to using wedges.

We bought a circular tube light, built a wooden shelf for it and fixed it inside. It was the most expensive thing, and its easiest to find in a light specialist shop.  Its not necessary though.
I bought a switch and added that for convenience. 

Also, varnish or coat your mdf if your using it as it reeks of cat wee and I'm sure its not healthy.

I hope you'll see what i mean from the pictures, just ask and i'll try answer any specifics.

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